10 Smart Reasons Why Businesses Go To Worknet First
for Staffing Needs

“I continue to use Worknet Staffing because they have always provided me with the best service possible. Their staff is not only friendly, but proficient in identifying our needs and selecting the right personnel to fit those needs.”
– Pat Maggiore, Republic Beverage

  1. Employee Testing: Before you are assigned one of our employees, they have already been extensively tested for aptitude, ability, intelligence and character; including the incredibly accurate and effective Wonderlic test.
  2. Employee Interviews: Before you are assigned any of our employees, they have been thoroughly interviewed, oriented and screened.
  3. No-Nonsense Policies: Worknet Staffing has policies in place meant to seriously deter employees from “no-shows” or “walk-offs”. They must give at least 48 hours notice or pay will be automatically reduced.
  4. Recruiting Strength: Worknet Staffing recruits specific skill sets based on your needs. We have firm relationships with area government services and maintain a continuous vigorous recruiting program with leading internet job boards, internet resume data bases, job fairs, newspapers and site displays.
  5. Employee Referral Program: We pay referral bonuses to our quality employees.
  6. Easy Liquidation: Worknet Staffing’s liquidation policy is liberal and easy to understand.
  7. Efficient Employee Pay: Worknet Staffing offers employees direct deposit or debit cards, which means no pay related hassles or leaving your job site to cash a check.
  8. Worknet is the Employer, Not You: Worknet Staffing assumes complete responsibility for withholding of taxes, payment of wages, unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance.
  9. Local: Worknet Staffing ownership is local, making decisions quicker without delays due to corporate approval processes.
  10. Flexible Payment Options: We accept check, ACH, or credit card – we take whatever is most convenient to you.